Bangladesh Mobile Phone Importers Association (BMPIA) is a national forum of the firms/companies who are engaged with the Mobile Phone import business. The Association was incorporated with the Register of Joint Stock Companies & Firms Bangladesh under the Companies Act (Act XVIII) of 1913 (amended in 1994) in February, 2005.

BMPIA as a non-profit service rendering organization has been working with commercial & industrial interests and other matters connected with professional activities and related services, and co-operating with the competent government authorities to organize and develop these activities so as to attain professional development for the Mobile Handset Import Industry. The Association’s main objective is to encourage co-operation between the members and strengthening their mutual relations, protecting the rights and interests of the members of the association, providing them with the necessary services they need to carry out their activities and commercial transactions.

Objectives of BMPIA

  1. Unite all industry members and provide a platform for mutual cooperation and smooth functioning of the industry.
  2. Monitor market to ensure self-regulation of the industry and minimize illegal import.
  3. Ensure quality and fair priced products for local consumers.
  4. Collect & collate industry and market information, and publish periodic reports.
  5. Assist & Cooperate with govt. and non-govt. stakeholders on behalf of the industry to ensure import of genuine products and also for identifying gray and fake products.
  6. Assist concerned government agencies in identifying and protecting from mis-declaration.
  7. Monitoring market regularly for ensuring quality of products and price and inform appropriate offices.
  8. Coordinate with policymakers and safeguard members’ interest during policymaking, national budget etc.
  9. Represent industry and members in different local and international forums.
  10. Coordinate with media for advocacy of the industry.
  11. Organize capacity building programs for members
  12. Provide common services for members like Battery Testing etc.
  13. Provide members a platform for arbitration when conflict occurs between/among members.
  14. Organize and conduct special events, symposiums, seminars, talk-show, road-show, fares, etc. in coordination with the Government.
  15. Assisting and implementing CSR activities/programs by its members individually and collectively.

BMPIA Executive Committee

BMPIA is governed by a nine member Executive Committee elected by direct voting of the members for a two-year term basis. The Executive Committee is responsible for setting up BMPIA policy guidelines and governing its affairs. Executive Committee can form Standing Committee(s) and assign tasks to them on specific/urgent issues.

Membership Eligibility, Requirements, and Member Services

Whoever is licensed by the Bangladesh’s competent authority to import wireless telecom shall be eligible to become a member of the Association:

  • Duly filled up Membership Application
  • Up-to-date Trade License.
  • Up-to-date Vendor License
  • Certification of Incorporation
  • Company Tax Payer Identification
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Necessary pay orders in favor of BMPIA
  • Brief Company Profile on Company Letterhead
  • Details of the representative
  • Board resolution copy for representatives
  • Safeguarding policy and regulatory interests of all members by lobbying with various government agencies
  • Undertake advocacy and lobbying for tax-related issues for all members
  • On-demand support on policy and regulatory issues when requested from association
  • Advocacy and lobbying support to members on import/ customs related matters and protecting members’ rights and presenting genuine cases to concerned departments for amicable resolutions
  • Encouraging/enabling co-operation among the members
  • Assist in dealing with ministries, government departments and other establishments
  • Organize programs for development and capacity building of members
  • Provide platform and organize arbitration services when required by members
  • Provide services like security hologram and battery testing etc. for members

NOC Automation and IMEI Database Project:

Lately, BMPIA is assisting BTRC to implement a very important system to ensure handset authentication so that:


  1. Illegal and low-quality handset import decreases and gradually becomes zero, thus protecting legal importers and local manufacturers and assemblers,
  2. Customers get authentically imported handsets,
  3. Government gets its due revenue from every imported handset,
  4. Law-enforcing agencies get total control over crimes committed using mobile handsets thus improving law and order situation of the country, and

BTRC has total control and transparent picture of handset import, manufacturing and overall usage.

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