BMPIA President’s Message

As-salamu Alaikum.

We are living in an exciting time. Lots of technological developments are enriching our lives every day. It goes without mention that the most exciting technology that is now available to all people of the world – irrespective of country, religion, race, and wealth – is the mobile phone. It’s the only affordable technology that the richest man and the poorest man in the world can use alike.

Mobile has enabled people to change their lives. Mobile accelerates economic development of nations. We are proud to say that our government is one of the most technology-savvy governments in the world. We are working towards building a Digital Bangladesh in all levels of life and with state-level support. Lots of public and private services are now available through mobile phone and this is just the beginning of a better Bangladesh.

You know that Bangladesh has already jumped towards mobile assembling and manufacturing to meet domestic demand as well as export to other countries. I believe this is the next sector to RMG to contribute in national GDP and employment.

Bangladesh Mobile Phone Importers Association (BMPIA) is the national platform for all mobile handset importers in Bangladesh. The government has already made it mandatory to be member of this association before importing mobile.

BMPIA has been organizing its members through self-regulation, market monitoring, and cooperating with Ministry, BTRC, NBR, Customs and other government agencies to develop a healthy handset market in Bangladesh.

Like any other trade, there are few miscreants in the handset industry as well. They are importing mobile through illegal channels and deceiving customers and government. These sets are low-quality, copy or clone, and can be used for crimes. They do not pay taxes.

So, from BMPIA, we have recently assisted BTRC to implement the ‘IMEI Database’ system so that from now on all validly imported handsets will be registered with BTRC, and illegally imported handsets will not be activated by any mobile operator. This will ensure that customers will get authentic handsets, government will get due tax, and law enforcing will be easier for handset-related crimes.

Thank you for supporting the healthy development of the mobile handset market in Bangladesh. Our united efforts will help Bangladesh to take an honorable place in the technology world.

Thank you.

General Secretary’s Message

In today’s world, mobile handset is the omnipresent device. It’s one of the most powerful too. It is impacting our lives every day, redefining our lifestyle, and enabling us in doing unforeseen things in unimagined ways. Consequently, people have embraced this device with great interest.
Mobile importers in Bangladesh have been keeping our people up to date with the latest developments in handset technology elsewhere in the world. Major importers have now shifted into local assembling thus making handsets more affordable. This will not only help the people but also help the country to grow as a technology supplier nation in the world.
The handset industry is growing every year. The number of importers is also growing. The association keeps the industry members organized, and ensures a certain level of self-regulation. However, in a large import industry like ours, there is certainly a scope for some misdeeds, and a few people are engaged in under-invoicing, tax-dodging, and deceiving customers with low-quality products. BMPIA is actively working with regulators and relevant govt. agencies to combat these miscreants, and ensure a good experience for local users.
With help from BMPIA, BTRC initiated the ‘NOC Automation and IMEI Database (NAID)’ system. This will enable the regulator to get a hold on total import of mobile handsets in the country, and stop illegal import. This will translate into increased govt. revenue, enhanced security of users, and better business environment for legal importers. We appreciate BTRC for taking this step.
We encourage handset users to take benefit of this system right now and be sure about authenticity of handsets through SMS before buying.
We also encourage users to prefer Bangladeshi-made handsets. These handsets have already proved to be better than handsets made in other countries. We have to support our manufacturers in order to make a better Bangladesh, be a techno-savvy nation, and export technological products to the world. I believe that is where the future of Bangladesh lies.

BMPIA Executive Committee

Sl. Name EC Position Organization Org. Designation
1.     Mr Ruhul Alam Al Mahbub President Fair Distribution Ltd. Managing Director
2.     Mr Raquibul Kabir Senior Vice President Cellular Mobile (Pte) Ltd Managing Director
3.     Mr Aminur Rashid Vice President Edison Technologies Ltd. Chairman
4.     Mr Jakaria Shahid General Secretary SB Tel Enterprise Ltd. Managing Director
5.     Mr Mesbah Uddin Joint Secretary Fair Distribution Ltd. Chief Marketing Officer
6.     Mr Zoynal Abedin Asst. Joint Secretary Riya Telecom Managing Director
7.     Mr Salahuddin Alamgir Director Excel Telecom (Pvt.) Ltd Managing Director
8.     Mr Rezwanul Hoque Director Transsion BD Ltd. CEO